You have immense powers

Today has been a roller coaster. I kept reminding myself ‘I have a choice’. Often when we become aware of and awaken to something we are sent circumstances to test that very thing we have just become aware of. This has happened to me many times with many different things. Very often I get dragged back into the drama but today I managed to stay just above it even though it was nipping at my toes. I really feel we have been programmed into stress and anxiety. I feel we have been lead to believe we have no choice. That we are meant to suffer and struggle. That life is meant to be an uphill battle from which we very rarely have any let up. What I am now realising is that this just isn’t true but by believing it is we make it so. Let me give you an example. We are taught that when you lose your job you should panic about how you will pay your bills, in fact losing a job can feel like your life is over. Worry, fear and doom fill your mental space but why can’t it be a new beginning? Isn’t it just as likely if not more likely that something positive will come from this and yet our minds skip straight to the disaster ending. We are imagining the disastrous ending and we then start to, in a panicked state, look for a new job. We approach everything from a place of desperation. this may change how we fill out applications, how we come across in interviews and ultimately what job we take next. Perhaps settling for something we would never have done had we been believing that this was a chance for a new begging for something bigger and better.

This is your life, your space to do with what you chose. That’s a fact. You have been taught and condition to believe otherwise. Perhaps now you are coming up with a list of reasons for why you can’t do what you have always wanted to. STOP. Just stop for a second. Write down each one of those excuses and then ask yourself if they are really true? Or is there some movement in them? Are there ways around them? We are so quick to tell ourselves we can’t and so slow to tell ourselves we can. This is why I truly feel that western society has it backwards. The insane has become sane. We are so focused on earning enough to pay for the stuff we don’t need that we seem to have forgotten to ask who we are, Why we are here and what we want to do with our time.

Honestly I need to hear this just as much as you do. I will be getting my note pad and working on some of my own excuses and highlighting them as the frauds that they are. Don’t put it off or push it to one side get started. You can change things. You alone have immense power. It’s power that unless acknowledge will remain invisible. Step into your immense power. No more excuses.

Love and light,

Claira xxx