Why & How i am now Vegan.

If someone had said to me at the start of this year that I’d be vegan in 7 months time I would have looked at them like they were crazy. I would have told them not to be so stupid. 7 months ago I ate meat and fish. I had grown up with a vegetarian sister but for me meat had stayed firmly on the menu. I lived on a farm for most my childhood. Surround by pigs and sheep, which my grandad farmed and then all my pets. I just accepted one kind of animal you love and another you eat. Animals have always been a huge part of my life. I would have always gone as far as saying I love animals. Yet all that time I ate animals.


Weirdly I didn’t have to try at not eating meat. After my preventative double mastectomy was out in the open I received a lot of messages from
people (some nice & so not so) suggesting I didn’t need the operation. What I needed was to change to a plant based diet and that that would be the way for me to avoid cancer. Whilst this didn’t stop me having the operation I found this a really interesting concept and if I’m honest their message where only verbalisations of things I had thought myself.

Not long after I’d had the op I would try to eat meat but it would make me feel heavy and uncomfortable. I wasn’t enjoying it. Eating meat was becoming hard work so I stopped. On the 25th April 2015 I went for dinner with my friends for one of their birthdays. It was a steak restaurant and at this point I hadn’t outwardly said I was vegetarian I just hadn’t eaten meat. On this occasion I had a steak. That was the last time I ate meat. I just didn’t want it anymore. I was questioning myself asking why I was eating it. Why? I knew I didn’t want to. It was like a spell had been broken and I didn’t want to eat it anymore.


Being Vegetarian is easy. Everywhere you go there are options. I felt much better and I wasn’t even thinking about meat. For my birthday in June I decided I wanted to take everyone to a veggie restaurant. There were some doubts from the boys but once we got there and they got their food even they had to agree it was pretty amazing.


5 weeks ago I went Vegan and I can honesty say there is no way I’m going back. It was like someone was trying to give me push towards it. Suddenly I was meeting and hanging out with lots of vegans. I was finding articles about veganism just kind of just appear on my time line and then my friend got me a vegetarian cookbook for my birthday that had loads of vegan recipes.

I decided I’d try being Vegan for a week so I could blog about it. I loved it. I was cooking from scratch using fresh ingredients, due to my need to read food labels to see if they contained anything not vegan I was learning about how much crap goes into the food we buy, I had so much energy, I was loving the food and after a week I decided I didn’t want it to stop so I have kept going.




I was worried what my friends and family would say. If they’d criticise and question my choices. My friends and my family have been super supportive and the ones I have cooked for or gone to Vegan restaurants with have agreed how good the food tastes and have agreed that it’s a possibility for their future. In the same way other people had opened my eyes it seems I’m opening other people’s, if only to the possibilities and choices we have.


Why did I go Vegan? Health benefits are of course a huge factor for me in my decision. More than that I had been in denial about the fact I ate animals for a long time. If someone tried to tell me about how animals where farmed & treated I’d make a joke about it or come back in a defensive manor with a fact that made me feel slightly more justified in my meat eating. Either way I avoided the truth to serve myself and my wants.


It was a video I watched of Tim Shieff’s that made me really grasp what I was doing. Whether you eat meat or just animal based products you are saying it’s ok for another beings soul purpose in life to be a slave to fulfil your needs & desires of eating meat & animal products when we live in a society that means we no longer need to. To me that really hit home and made me think. I realised that whilst in some cultures in the world they need meat to survive. We don’t. We simply have it because we like it. We are not killing animals for survival but to fulfil our tastebuds.

I truly feel our connection to what we eat, how it gets there, to where it comes from and the process it takes has been truly lost. Some animals we love and treasure as pets where as others we slaughter in inhumane ways to eat or wear, we imprison them into a live of producing things we want in an unnatural way until they are no longer of use to us at which point we kill them. Really an animal is an animal. A human is an animal. Like us they all feel pain, suffer from stress, get frightened and deserve respect.

It’s a process. I am moving over to vegan cosmetics and vegan products for bathing and moisturising. Your skin is your biggest organ and it absorbs what you put on it. When you make this decision to become aware of what you put in your body and on your body it’s a real eye opener.

Life is about learning. I’m not here to judge or to tell anyone else how to life their life I just want to write about how I live mine. Why? Because that’s how I have learn so much about myself. It’s how I grow and continue to grow.

I will be doing more posts about what I’m eating and hopefully you’ll give it a try. Although I have to admit I have had way tooooooooo much vegan chocolate.

Love and light,

Claira xxx



  1. Avatar August 14, 2015 / 3:44 pm

    Another brilliant piece. Whatever happens, keep on being you, you’re one amazing lady!

    Love and light,


  2. Avatar
    August 15, 2015 / 1:52 pm

    You’re such an amazingly strong woman; we need more people like you as role models for the younger generation. You are just you which is so beautiful and refreshing to see. What you said about becoming a vegan resonated with me and has inspired some research. I hope to become a vegan too x

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