Who am i?

Who am i?

Doesn’t that sound like it should be the easiest and simplest question in the world to answer? I mean i have been me my whole life haven’t i? If anyone knows who i am it should be me, shouldn’t it? Apparently not as i found out earlier this week.

Everyone who meets me or watches my work will form and opinion of who i am funny, rude, confident, weird, awkward, stupid, crazy, inspiring, embarrassing, shameful, brilliant, an idiot. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and their a opinion of me is based on their own perspective, something which is totally out of my control. Yet i want everyone to like me.

I want everyone to like me so much and i’m so scared that they won’t that i’m afraid to fully embrace who i am. Thats why when i was asked this question i didn’t have an answer. I’ve spent so long trying to be more like this or less like that i have in fact ended up losing sight of myself.

Everyone is never going to like you it’s that simple. It’s just not possible. Take chocolate for example to millions it’s the best thing ever and those millions can’t see any reason why it’s not AMAZING. On the other hand there are millions who hate it and can’t see any reason why it’s nice. Neither are wrong or right it’s just their opinion and taste which they are more than entitled to.

My task now is to look inside myself (not literally) and find myself again. I need to be unapologetically me. I know my intentions are only ever good, if i offend someone in the process i am sorry as it wasn’t my intention but i can’t let that stop me or hold me back. I can’t go through life fearing i will offend someone by being myself because i know this is a given. I offend people when i’m tryingly hardest not to. If i’m going to offend people either way i might as well do it being myself.

If i pretend to be someone else or hold myself back because it makes other people happy then i am failing myself. If there is something you want to do, or someone you know you are but have been to scared to embrace there is no better time than now. You get this life time once and there is no reason not to use it for all it’s worth and do with it whatever you want to do.

Love to you all,



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    Jasmine Hayer
    August 22, 2014 / 3:31 pm

    Love how raw this is. Takes a lot to strip back the layers and admit real feeling. Not to mention, writing about it for everyone to see. Jx

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