I want to change the world.

I want to change the world. There it is I said it and I will keep saying it. I don’t mean I want to change the world in some egotistical fuelled way. I simply mean that I want everyone to know that happiness is possible. I want everyone to live with self confidence, self respect and of course self love. Why? Because I have lived without all 3 and it sucks.

When I told someone earlier this year I wanted to change the world, I was so excited to say the words. I had finally realised what I wanted to do. His reaction? ‘That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.’ Those words knocked me. They hurt. Here is me finally saying out loud what I want to do and this man knocks me down. Actually let me rephrase that, I allowed him to knock me down. That’s what I learnt that day. People can say whatever they want and we can listen but why do we allow their opinions to be more important than our own?

Worrying about what other people will think or say about you is a pointless exercise because whether you worry or not they’re still going to think it and/or say it. Let them. What they think of you of you is their business, not yours. Your business is what you think and feel about yourself which is SOOOOOOOOO important. Don’t let other people have power over you. It’s so easy to let other people’s judgements become your excuses for not doing. No excuses, don’t give your responsibility away, don’t give your power away.

I did it for years with stuff like ‘I was bullied at school so I’m to unconfident to do that’ ‘my mum died so I’m never going to be happy’ ‘he doesn’t love me so there must be something wrong with me’ and trust me I could go on about this forever! I knew I wanted to change my life and make it better. That didn’t start outside of me it start inside. It started with me stopping the blaming other people and situations for my life lacking a lot of what i wanted. It meant me working on and changing myself. Once that started the outside started to change too. Now it just gets better & better!

Don’t be ashamed to be you and don’t let anything stop you from achieving what you want. If you’re not going to strive for happiness and contentment then what’s the point? When I tell you anything is possible I mean it so if you don’t love, respect and have the upper most confidence in yourself maybe it’s time to start thinking about some changes.

Love & Peace

Claira xxx


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