Trusting what is……

Trusting what is. Does this sound like a good concept or a bad one? It means trusting that even when things are going wrong it is always for your best interest. It means trusting that bad leads us to good.

I used to read about this and think……. nope. I used to think it made no sense and was a ridiculous concept but now i think it’s not only brilliant but i think it is the only way to live my life. I have been living by this rule and will continue to live by this rule whilst i’m on my travels. Why? Because it makes life so much easier, happier and pleasurable.
Imagine you plan to do something and for whatever reason it doesn’t happen. In the past i would have got annoyed, frustrated, angry, upset and truly worked up. Will any of these emotions make the thing i want to happen magically just happen? No. Will any of these things make me feel good about myself or the situation? No. Will any of these things make me open to new suggestions or ideas? No. Thus by fighting against what is the only one who suffers is YOU.
I try often to explain this to people. It doesn’t mean that we can’t feel sad or upset about things. It doesn’t mean we should always be happy and joyful. What it means is that when these testing times come we don’t let emotion over run us. We are able to watch the emotions appear in our mind. We let them happen, all the while remembering that this situation will pass. That we will be ok and that if something isn’t happening it is not meant to be. Why fight it? Ultimately you are only fighting with yourself.
Choosing to look at thing good and bad in a positive light is what has truly made a difference to my life. You can’t chose to look at one set of events one way and other set of events another. Ultimately they are all just events leading to your growth and learning should you chose to use them as such.
If you want to help me out with this dream chasing soul searching expedition i would be super grateful.
I hope you are enjoying my videos and voting for my next adventure.
Love from me and St Vincent,
Claira x

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