Me and my tattoos

I love tattoos and people often ask me about mine. How many do i have? What are they of? Why do i have them? What do they mean? i could go on. I love my tattoos, i have 3 and they all have a meaning and significance.

I had my 1st tattoo when i was 18. It was a birthday present from my friends. My mum died when i was 9 years old and i wanted something to commemorate her. She liked purple pansies and so a heart of them seemed fitting. My older sister had a similar tattoo for the same reason and i secretly wanted to be like her.

Heart tat.

I waited years before i had my next one. The time was pretty rough. My big sister was under going her battle with breast cancer and i was trying to find my way in the world. I love horses and always have. I had my own for years. A unicorn is basically a magical, mythical horse right? I became a bit obsessed with unicorns and one day whilst searching the web i found this.


I decided i wanted it as a tattoo. Due to the way things were at that time i wanted a constant reminder that things can and will get better, that no matter how bad things seem beauty still exists. I searched for someone i trusted to do it and i did it.

unicorn tat
close unicorn tat

Most recently i had a tattoo that out of all of them means the most. It’s small and most people have no idea at it is. That doesn’t worry me one little bit. My sister, who was my best friend died of breast cancer in January 2012. In the November prior to her death she gave me a ring that i had expected to get for Christmas. When i said to her ‘but Em thats meant to be my Christmas present’ she replied ‘i just want you to have it for being a good sister’. It quickly became one of my most prized possessions.


When she died 3 months later i started to panic incase i lost it or it broke (i lose and break most things). Thats when i decided i should get it tattooed, that way i didn’t have to wear the actual ring all day to have it with me.

wrist tattoo


I like to think that it had the ‘Ban the bombs’ sign that we now associate with peace is on the ring as a reminder from my sister to me to find my own peace. Since my sister died i’ve been on a journey to do just that. However thats a whole other story.

Thats my tattoos so far. I don’t think i’ve finished but i’m not sure whats next.

Love to you all,

Claira xxxxx


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