Stubbly legs, cellulite & scarred boobs. What’s not to love?

Today i read a quote that 60% of adults are not happy with their bodies. I suspect the real number is in fact higher. It hurts me. It hurts me to think that so many people, all beautiful, are so unhappy with what they have. That they are punishing themselves, that they don’t like themselves, that they want to be something and someone else. Beauty has no rules. Love yourself and your body NOW.

I grew up in the same world as you. A world that tells us being skinny, having big boobs, a big butt, perfect abs, being beautiful, perfectly manicured and blemish free is something we all need to aim for and if we don’t achieve it we have failed. More than that it’s a world that tells us our happiness is reliant on it. Well i’m here to tell that that is absolute bollocks, crap, rubbish and total shit.


I have hated and punished my body for so long. I have tortured myself, told myself i was worthless, believed i too big, too clumsy, too muscly, to masculine, my arms were too big, my legs were shapely, my bum too flat. I have hurt myself by 1st thinking these things but even more so by believing and making it become my reality. Now i love my body. My arms that let me drive my car to see my family, hug my friends and climb rocks. My legs that allow me to walk anywhere i want, that allow me to run and feel free, that let me dance around my room to my favourite songs. I love my cellulite, i love my spots, my stubbly legs and my reconstructed boobies with their beautiful scars. I love my body for all these reasons. I love it because no matter what i do to it, it never lets me down. I done with picking it apart. I done with comparing it to other people. I am done with wishing it was someone else or something else. I have treated my own body in away i wouldn’t even treat someone i didn’t like. I have don’t that to something that has supported me and allowed me to have ever experience i have ever had. My body is a great friend and we will grow old together so i want to treat my great, ever supporting friend with love and respect. I want to stop hurting her and telling her she is shit. I want to tell her she’s amazing and be grateful to her everyday.

See thats what no one tells us. No one tells us about our own power. No one tell us about what we have the ability to do. We have the ability to pick and chose our thoughts. We have the ability to believe and think about ourselves in the way we chose. Forget what anyone told you and LOVE yourself now. Not tomorrow, not when you lose a stone or 2, not when you gain a 6 pack, not when you have a flat tummy and eyelash extensions. Not when you hairs is straight/curly, not when your have a tan, not when your bum is bigger but NOW.


Why? Let me ask you this. What feels better? To love yourself or to hurt yourself? To be grateful to your body for breathing and keeping your heart beating. To thank yourself for all you have achieved so far. We all have things we want to achieve. They maybe appearance based, they may be spiritually based or perhaps it’s a career goal and wouldn’t it be nice if when you woke up in the morning you had someone there telling you how brilliant you were, how you can achieve it, how possible it it, how they believe in you, how you should forget anything that anyone else says because they goal of your is going to be reached. Guess what you do have that person. That person it YOU.

If you wake up every morning feeling shit about yourself, telling yourself your fat, ugly, too skinny, not good enough, not attractive enough then how are you going to reach your goals. Your telling your body it’s shit and not good enough and yet you want it to help you lose/gain weight? Tell your body it’s the amazing thing it is. When you love your body it’s so much easier to do the right thing. To give it the respect it deserves. This life isn’t for anybody else it’s for you. You can wish to be someone else all you want but that can’t be. You are you. This is your reality. Stop focusing your energy outside of you and starting focusing it inside of you. You are brilliant, powerful and amazing. FUCK what society tells us. FUCK the unrealistic goals. Look and i mean really look at yourself. You got here. You made it this far. You did that. It may have been a struggle. Imagine what it would have been like if you had been kinder to yourself. Thankful to yourself. Start now. It’s a simple choice. All you need to do is ask yourself which feels nice. To be loving to yourself or to be horrible to yourself. The choice is yours.

Love Claira xxxxx


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