No need for the constant selfies.

This morning i posted a selfie on instagram. I don’t really see the issue with selfies. It’s just a picture. Someone posted a comment “No need for the constant selfies”. Now the funny thing is that when i finished up at the gym this morning i wanted to share with people that i had really struggled this morning to get out of bed. I wanted to say that motivation is always a constant. That we all struggle but that we can still push through. I wanted to do this because from talking to people it seems they assume i just bounce out of bed and skip to the gym with joy in my heart. Somedays i do and on others i really don’t.

Motivation dips for all of us but what we chose to do when it does is a test. I chose a selfie as i sat in the carpark to go with the mini story i wanted to share. To be honest i was in a rush, i really wanted to use a quote but i couldn’t find one that was relative so i just chose a selfie that looked friendly and smiley. I posted it. Looked at my insta account and thought ‘OMG you have posted a lot of selfies this week”. I felt a pang of shame and i actually questioned myself “people might think you’re vain and that you think your too nice”. Then thought “it’s a bloody picture, you’re a grown woman you can do as you please, you are not hear to worry about other people so don’t be so stupid get on with your day”

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.24.51

Here’s the funny part. The guy who posted the comment “No need for constant selfies” was only mirroring something that i had thought myself. He was only pointing out my own insecurity. Life has a funny way of doing that. Then we get upset when people say what we say to ourselves. He was only judging me in away i was judging myself. I dare say if had never thought that this morning he would never have posted that comment. “your perception of me is a reflection of you” and visa versa.

I realised that whilst people might suggest if someone is forever posting selfies that they are self obsessed or egotistical it’s their. If i chose to follow them and see there pictures i make it my business. If overtime i see them post and all i feel is negativity it would surely make sense for me to unfollow them rather than have negative thoughts which never harm the other person they only harm us. Our perhaps i would question what is it about me that makes me feel this way about this person for posting a selfie? Remember “your perception of me is a reflection of you”.

Be kind, be nonjudgemental and the world will be the same back.

Love and light,

Claira xxxx


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