11 things I’m doing to make 2019 AMAZING

I’M BACK! It’s 2019 already. It’s New years Day when people wake up hungover, some go crazy and join the gym, start crash diets, set themselves loads of goals which within a week or 2 they have given up on a fallen back into old behavior patterns. Others wake up hungover, have a fry up despite telling everyone their new year’s resolution was healthy eating. They feel like they already failed so actually they never start. I can’t lie that’s normally me. Saying I’m going to post a video everyday, or go to the gym 4 times a week, or stop eating rubbish. I normally fail on the 1st day, feel shit about myself so by the second day I don’t want to do it anymore. This blog is the perfect example. Look through the archives. It stops and starts a lot.

2019 is different. I enter it 35, single, wanting a family, wanting a career and knowing I will make things different. No more excuses allowing me to be all ‘poor me’, no more victimhood, just change. I know I have the power to achieve all I want but so far despite knowing this I have failed myself. No more. This year I am going to show up for me. I am going to put into practise all I know and have learnt. I am so ready to really live my life.

My mum died when I was 9 years old and I was never given the chance to grieve. I feel like part of me has been keeping my life on hold since that day awaiting her return. 2018 I addressed a lot and started to let go of a lot. This has given me the space to know I can make things different. I may not have the exact how’s but I know the wants and the whys. NO MORE COCK BLOCKING myself from the things I truly wish to attain. If I feel a block arise or when I catch myself falling into old behaviors I won’t be mad. I will simply reset and retrain no matter how many times I have to do the same thing.

My 2019 looks like;

1.Sugar free for January
2.Don’t buy any new clothes. For 1 year wear what I have, swap, borrow and share
3.In situations imagine the best possible outcomes not the worst
4.Let go of the past so it can no longer hold me prisoner in my present
5.Affirmation daily that I am good enough & will achieve all I set out to
6.Visualise daily so I can see, feel and know the life I want
7.Meditate for peace, stillness and to cultivate love
8.Speak my truth even when it scares me
9.Don’t let others negativity or negative opinions hold me back
10.Create consistently and with passion
11.Have more fun

Here is my list. I want to stick to these things because I believe they will help me achieve my goals, my dreams and allow me to live my best life. I could put all my energy into things outside of myself. For example doing interviews or writing blogs or doing more youtube videos but I know from my own experience that to do these things and to make them successful I must chose to consciously create them. We are either unconsciously creating our experience or we can chose awareness and start creating consciously. That’s where I am at. I don’t expect it will always be easy. My mind, which is used to functioning in it’s own way will be challenged as this is how we create change. I know that challenge will lead to all kinds of mind tantrums but I am ready. I am willing to do what it takes because NOW is all we ever really have and if I keep putting it off NOW may never come.

Happy new year, love and blessing to you all. Stay focused and make life work for you this year.

Love and more love,




  1. Avatar
    January 2, 2019 / 2:36 pm

    Good luck….how did you get so inspiring?

    • Claira Hermet
      Claira Hermet
      January 9, 2019 / 8:55 am

      LIFE does that to us! Thank you and lots of love xx

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