I love loving

3.5 weeks till Double D Day and I have never felt better about everything. I have had such an amazing week. Christmas parties, Christmas shopping, friends, fun, dancing, cocktails and my ‘Goodbye Boobs’ photo shoot which was an amazing experience.

claira and gavin
Myself with photographer Gavin Glave

I seem to be talking a lot about ‘love’ these days. Not love for a man but love for myself, my life, my choices and of course love for my amazing friends and family. It makes me smile because 2/3 years ago when i heard people banging on about self love and feeling love i used to think ‘you’re crazy’ but now that person is me. I have never been happier, more positive or felt more on purpose. When I used to say to my friends and family ‘I love you’ it was just words but now it’s an overwhelming and beautiful feeling.

I did not choose my life circumstances but I believe they were indeed for me. I feel I must make the most of them and out of them in a way that I hope spreads love, positivity and peace.

I used to feel I had nothing to be grateful for because I had lost my mum and my sister, I felt no one loved me, I felt no one liked me. Losing my sister made me realise no matter how bad things are I have 1 huge thing to be grateful for I AM ALIVE.

I had to ask myself ‘you’re alive. Do you want to continue being miserable, sad and unhappy or do you want to change and become the opposite?’ The answer was glaringly obvious. I wanted to be happy. Making that decision was tough because there was no going back and what I also knew is it was 100% up to me. No one else could do this for me. Choosing happiness means dropping all your excuses, all the justifications and accepting you and you alone are responsible for how you feel and where you are. That part was tough but once I accepted that I could get to work.

I’m a qualified personal trainer and I know how hard some people work to change their outside but if you want lasting change you have to work on the inside because that is where the outside is created.

It’s almost a New Year and if you’re ready for a change then start gearing up, starting reading, listening and looking for ways to do it. Nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing. Be a dream chaser not a day dreamer.

Love & peace,



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    January 17, 2015 / 12:52 pm

    Hi, just read about your story and all i can say is ”wow’. You are unbelievably courageous and brave for making the choice you have in realtion to your impending surgery. To loose both your mum and sister to such a horrible cruel disease is heartbreaking and all i can say is ‘FUcancer!’
    Hope everything goes well for you and “who needs boobs” eh? You are gorgeous with a beautiful smile so please keep on doing just that!! Good luck gorgeous… Xx

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