Just f*%king let it go

The art of letting go

Why is it so hard for me to let go of stuff and if letting go of stuff is so vital for us to function as healthy humans, why the fuck does no one teach us that? Shouldn’t we have been given some kind of handbook, some kind of guidance on how to let go?

If you’re reading this and thinking what is she talking about, I’m talking about letting go of the person who cut you up this morning, letting go of the job you didn’t get but wanted, letting go of the guy or girl who just isn’t that into you, letting go of the pain of losing someone you love, letting go of the resentment you hold towards the girl who stole your boyfriend back in year 8.

As humans we experience so many things, and as humans, because we don’t know any better we hold those things. When we hold those things they start to eat away at us, make us less trusting, less open, less fun, less happy, and if we’re not careful, harbouring all this ‘shit’ can make us unwell. So what the fuck are we doing?

I am a prime example of the above. I have held onto so much. I used to just think it was the way I am and that’s that. I now don’t believe that to be true. What I realise is all the stuff I have held onto affects me, my life and it’s creating my future. CREATING MY FUTURE. It’s that right there has got me knowing I have to learn how to let go. Let go of ideals, let go of how I think my life should go, let go of emotional baggage and let the fuck go of belief systems that NO LONGER SERVE ME!

I’m sure that like me you probably haven’t been taught how to let go. I’m also sorry you haven’t been told just what a powerful being you are. I’m sorry that you have probably felt less than and not good enough at some point in your life because you should never have had to. Our society, our communities and our families can only teach us what they know. I know that we are more powerful than we can comprehend, and for that reason, I want to share this far and wide.

I am not a prime example of how to let go. I am not even an example of how learning to let go can change your whole life. What I am is honest, and willing to openly share with you my trials and tribulations as I move through this stage of my life. As I invest all my energy in creating the life I want. Of course I will work hard externally but the real life changing work has to happen inside. I have known this for a long time but it has taken me until this point to fully embrace and understand this information which I now know to be fact. It has taken me until now to understand that there is no other choice, no other way, it is down to me.


I have let go of the idea that I need to be rescued but despite this, I catch myself falling into the same old behaviours. This is part of my growth. To really let go you have to really know what you’re dealing with. To know what you’re dealing with, you have to become really aware and get ready to feel, experience, express and release.

If like me, you know it’s time for change, I suggest that you start by working out what you need to let go of to move forward into a lighter, freer and more open version of yourself.

Love straight from my heart,



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