Change isn’t easy but it is worth it.

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Today i posted this quote on my instagram and someone commented ‘It’s not as easy as it seems but it is worth the effort’. At 1st my ego flared up as if this was an insult (ego is completely irrational as displayed here 🙂 ). Then for instant myself pity kicked in to play ‘of course i know its not easy it’s taken me years blah blah’ at which point i laughed. I decided to change my thinking and understand that this person was/is 100% right.

Change is never easy. Especially when we are attempting to change something that took years to get ingrained in us in the 1st place, something we have believed for most of our lives and things we have become hugely attached to even though they really do us little or no good.

I started my journey to find peace and happiness when my sister Emily died 3.5 years ago. Has it been easy? NO. Is it the best thing i have ever done and continue to do? YES. I have realised i will forever be on a journey of growth, learning and discovery. Knowing this really excites me. When i look back to how i was 3.5 years ago and how i am now i can hardly believe how far i have come.

I was so unhappy, so sad, so miserable and i was filled with self loathing. I hated myself for so many reasons. When i first met people who told me there was another way to be or read things that suggested there was another way to be i got so angry. My initial reaction was that this stuff was mumbo jumbo bullshit that would never help me. The people i thought had no idea how i felt or how hard it was to carry on having lost my mum and sister. Despite all of that i pursued this path of change. Even when i didn’t want to. Why? Because as much as i hated to admit it at the time it was the only path that brought me any kind of relief, peace and optimism.

Now i’m here. Knowing what i know. Knowing i will forever be a student learning and growing. I can’t know this and not share it. I can’t see people suffer how i used to and not say ‘hey there is another way to be’. I will never forget how hard it was or how much i struggled at 1st. Now i’m here it seem almost funny that i had such reservations and fear. If you are not happy please do not believe this is part of the human condition because it is not. Happiness is a choice. Granted it may not be as easy as flicking a switch, though for some it will be, but isn’t happiness worth it?

You have the power to change your world. What are you waiting for?

Love and light,

Claira xxxx

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