So you think i’m confident?

My time in St Vincent is over. I started my trip here because i love this place and it is my favourite place on earth. Being here for the last month, exploring the Island and meeting people has been magical. As i write this i can feel my heart sinking. This place feels like home and i so sad to be leaving.


On the other hand i’m excited to start the next part of my adventure. Being here in St Vincent has been comfortable and homely. I have friends here, everyone speaks English and i haven’t had to be on my own. Over the next month things will be very different. I’ll be going place i don’t know anyone. I’ll be in countries where i don’t speak the language and i’ll be on my own. A small part of me is scared but a much bigger part of me knows this is what i can for. Experience that with strengthen and grow me.
People assume i’m super confident because i present and interview people. However that’s not the case. I am extremely shy. Especially when i’m on my own and i feel vulnerable. It’s almost like i become a child again and i’m too embarrassed to ask for help or to engage in conversation. It feel so uncomfortable when i have to ask for things, book things or even find out where the bathroom is. Crazy i know but just the thought of it makes me anxious. What I think i should say about me is that even though i feel this way i still do all the things that make me feel like that. I have to push myself, challenge myself and WOMAN UP. Presenting was exactly the same for me. I was so bad at the start but luckily a few people had faith in me and once i got over the uncomfortableness of shyness i actually wasn’t too bad. Lets hope the same can be said for traveler me.
I have had the most amazing month in my favourite place on earth. I have managed to pack in a whole bunch of amazing stuff, film it, edit it and get it out on my youtube channel. I had no idea what the workload would be. As it turns out 3 videos a week takes some doing and due to this fact I have a shit tan lol. Seriously though having some structure and being strict with myself has been easier than I expected. I’m enjoying everything so much that sharing it makes me extremely happy. I hope my leap of faith inspires other people to follow their own heart and dreams. Life is and can only ever be what you make it. Put the excuses aside and get stuck it with passion and gratitude.
Vote NOW for where i go after Brazil.
Claira X

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