How I went Vegan

I have had so much love about my article ‘Why i went Vegan and why i’m not going back’. I have also had a lot of questions. The main ones have been about how to adopt a vegan lifestyle and how do vegans get protein.

It’s crazy because a 7 months ago i would have been asking the same questions. My perception of Vegans were stereotypical, outdated and completely wrong. Vegans are athletes, musicians, lawyers, chefs, office workers, students, we’re young and we’re old, we’re black, white and everything else. What i’ve learnt is a vegan is not a ‘type’ of person. Vegan, veganism is a lifestyle. It’s where you make an agreement with yourself to live and love in line with nature. It’s where you chose to open your eyes to how you energise your body. It’s about making a connection with what you eat and where it comes from and for me it’s about finally realising my own strength and individual power. I know whole heartily that my choices don’t just affect me they affect the whole world. An out out there statement? Maybe, but bare with me.


I see things this way. Animals born and raised to be eaten or used to make products from their bodily fluids are tortured from the moment they are born. Every single thing about the way animals are now kept is against every natural instinct and inbuilt urge they have. They live their whole life suffering to service human wants, not needs wants. To me this seem totally unfair. By refusing to be part of this monster called ‘industrial farming’ i am saying that all of the above is not ok. I am refusing to be part of such a negative cycle. For each one person that does that the world and it’s energy shifts just a little. It truly does take one person to make a difference. When lots of 1 people start doing the same thing the impact is great.


How did you adopt a vegan lifestyle? I’m not sure i’m the right person to answer this because my response is ‘very, very easily’. It was almost as if it was a natural progression. I don’t crave or want any of the things not included in a vegan diet and i love the things i can have. For this to make sense i should say that 3.5 years ago i was a very unhappy women having lost my mum and sister to breast cancer. I constantly made excuses and blamed people and circumstances for how i felt. Shortly after my sister died i decided i had to make a change and make my life happy and positive, why? Because i had a life and that was enough of a reason to be grateful.

Was it an over night epiphany? Nope it a long slog. It’s ups and downs. Extreme highs and extreme lows. It’s been reading books when i didn’t want to, it’s doing exercise when i was angry at myself for making me do it, i’s talking to people about stuff i had never said openly before, it’s falling in love, it’s feeling heart broken, it’s been hard, easy, scary, frightening, amazing and life changing. I will never stop learning, growing and being a student of life. I love it. It never fails to surprise, shock, amaze and test me.


I can’t speak for everyone. I would say that once you become aware and conscious of what you are doing when you eat meat or animal derived products and what you are saying is ok when you eat meat or animal derived products then eating them or using those products just doesn’t make sense anymore. I know if i had tried to force myself to adopt veganism because ‘everyone else was’ or because ‘someone else said i should’ i wouldn’t have found the process easy and perhaps wouldn’t have chosen it as something thats for the rest of my life. It’s not merely a practical change it’s a mental and spiritual one too.


Practicality? Well thats easy. I have google lol. I had a recipe book. I picked recipes and did a massive Ocardo order so i had everything i needed to eat vegan for 1 week. It’s trial and error. It’s looking online and speaking to other people. It’s following Instagram accounts with recipes and just going with it. I had quite bad wind for a while, YES GIRLS FART and i overdosed on Vegan chocolate but i have loved cooking and eating. I have loved finding vegan spots and seeing what non vegan restaurants will do for me, you’d be surprised! You find out what you love and what you don’t, you educate yourself on what your body needs and what your food contains. To be fair it’s really not that tough. which leads me nicely on to the next topic…… protein!


Everyone asks me about protein. It’s like it’s this magical substance found only in meat…. only it isn’t! We are condition to believe we need meat. Many of us are addicted to meat and i suspect thats why we get so defensive when people talk about not eating meat. It’s funny how people have commented on my stuff saying they ‘hate people who tell you not to eat meat i’ll eat what i like’ when i haven’t told anyone to do anything merely just told them what i’m doing. Why are you so quick to defend yourself when you are not even being attacked? Guilty conscience? It’s also these defensive people who attack me and my choices which is ironic. I’m here minding my own business being vegan and you’re going off on one about how unhealthy it is, how it’s natural to eat meat, how our digestive system are designed for it blah blah blah. I’m at ease with my choice, i’m also at ease with your choice because not long ago i was you.

Right, vegan protein rich sources (you can find this on google). Before anyone goes off on me for including tofu and soya milk i have also included a link to an article about these and why they are controversial so people can make up their own mind. I’m not one for telling people what is right or wrong for them. Only you can truly know that;

1. Lentils

2. Tofu

3. Black Beans

4. Quinoa

5. Amaranth

6. Soy Milk

7. Green Peas

8. Artichokes
9. Hemp Seeds

10. Oatmeal

11. Pumpkin Seeds

12. Pumpkin Seeds

13. Tempeh

14. Hemp Seeds/Milk

15. Edamame

16. Spinach

17. Black Eyed Peas

18. Broccoli

19. Asparagus

20. Green Beans

21. Almonds

22. Spirulina

23. Tahini

24. Nutritional Yeast

25. Chickpeas

25. Peanut Butter

I truly hope this article has answered some question and perhaps got you thinking that veganism isn’t a ‘way out there’ concept but something that with a change of perception and a little imagination is just as easy as being carnivorous.

I will be speaking at ‘Vegan Futures’ with a whole bunch of other people. If you fancy learning more please come along on November 7th and say hi.

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