Be A Dream Chaser

“Allow yourself to follow your dreams and encourage your imagination by having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing” – Dr Wayne Dyer

There have been so many changes to me, myself, I over the last year that this statement really speaks to me. In fact in screams at me loud and clear.

There are certain things that I had my heart set on, that I fixated on, that I refused to let go of and I honestly felt that I couldn’t progress and my life couldn’t progress without me achieving these things. I was attached to them, hanging on to them and refusing to let go. The problem with that is that I hung out so tight rather than going with the flow of life that I suspect I missed opportunities in the process. I don’t regret any of this because I feel life is about learning and growth. Without making mistakes we can not learn.

I have my dreams but how I achieve them, the route I take and how they come to fruition is something I can’t predict and thus being fixated on the steps that get me there was ultimately holding me back. Imagine your driving to you friends house (your dreams) you take the route you know and have always taken because it makes sense, however today there has been an accident and the traffic jam is huge and not moving. You are stuck. At this point you have two choices. Stick to the route you know where you may have to wait and wait to move forward or find a new route where you moving & learning. The destination is the same, it’s the route that is different and there is nothing wrong with that. That alternative route may well contain some of the best people, opportunities and adventures you have ever had.

I have learnt not to fear, worry or feel disappointed that I can’t take the route I had originally planned because when you let go and have faith in your dreams you will get to them.

If I hadn’t of lost my mum and sister, if I didn’t carry the BRCA 1 gene mutation I may never have realised any of this. Your life is what your life is. There is no point dreaming of what it could of been or how it could of been, that’s wasting energy. Look for the positives, no matter how small and focus on them. Hold on to them and let the other stuff go. I have learnt just how beautiful this can be. Just how peaceful it feels and I want everyone to know this feeling.

Love & peace to you all,

Claira xxx


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