When I was 9 years old my mum died of breast cancer and my world fell apart. My big sister, my best friend, got breast cancer aged 25 and died 4 years ago aged 31. When she died I made a pact with myself to find a way to be happy. They may not have their lives but I have mine and I want to make it count for them and for myself.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer my sister tested positive for the hereditary BRCA1 gene mutation which gives the carrier an 85% life chance of getting breast cancer and 40% chance of getting ovarian cancer. After my sister diagnoses I too was offered the test. I tested positive.
On the 21st of January of this year I had a preventive double mastectomy and reconstruction. My mindset was one of extreme gratitude and positivity.

My life has changed dramatically since the operation. I have done my best to turn what many may perceive as a negative into a positive. I have continued to share my experiences via the medium of video, radio, print and online. It has become less about BRCA and breast cancer and more about positive body image, self confidence, self love and self acceptance.

After spending 6 years pursuing a career as an entertainment presenter and working for the likes of BBC, BT Sport, GRM Daily, SBTV and many more i stopped feeling like what i had been striving and working so hard for made sense anymore. I start to be filled with an urge to travel. No matter how much sense told me to stay my heart to told me i must go. I yo-yoed between going and not going. I made excuses and i overcame them. Thus ‘My life your hands’ was born.

I can boldly say I want to change the world in whatever small or big way I can. I want to inspire others to take risks and live the life of their dreams. I want to meet amazing people doing amazing things and help them tell their stories while writing a new adventurous, adrenaline filled and discovery packed story of my own. Thus ‘My Life Your Hands’ was born.
My Life Your Hands is about me giving up everything – my work, my home – selling everything I own to travel, grow and learn.

I don’t want to take the path most travelled, I want to jump off the path and with the audience’s help make my own one. I want to build an audience that will watch me, guide me, look out for me and provide for me through various polling, voting and interactive means.

Claira Hermet

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