How to get your shit together in 10 easy steps

How to get your shit together in 10 easy steps

1.Realise you will never have your shit ‘together’. It’s a concept and just like striving for perfection it’s not attable and thus it’s bullshit. Of course there is a difference between being a total lost mess (mostly me) and knuckling down and really working out what it is you want and how you plan to get it (also me more and more these days). The latter takes time and effort. You may need to ask for or employ help to get clear on these important things but once you do, you have focus. Everytime you feel like a complete mess you can refocus by read a statement you have written out lining who you are, what you want and how you plan on getting it.

2.READ – never underestimate the power and knowledge that can be found it books. For me reading is the best because it really goes in. It really hits home and it is relatable. Each book can give you a little more of what you are looking for and help you a little further along with your plan.

3.Stop being so hard on yourself – How do you expect you to succeed and prosper when you have you always telling you that you are not enough? It’s a tough old world as it is without being your own worst enemy. Simple rule is ‘if you wouldn’t say it to or want it for you best friend then you don’t say it to or want it for yourself’. Stick to it. Get really aware of how you treat yourself and work out how to change it.

4.Everything changes, even you – Everything is in a constant state of change, even you. This means that the more flexible we are and the less fixated we are on outcomes and specific goals the better we will feel. Going with the flow that life throws at us rather than swimming against the current. Once we acknowledge that we are not in control it’s easier to let go of ‘having your shit together’. You could work for ages to get it together and then you’ve had it together for like 5 minute and BOOM something comes a blows it up. Being able to cope with what’s throw at us is a skill we should all try to develop.

5.Ask for help – Whether it’s starting a business, overcoming a mental health issue or achieving a specific goal if and where possible don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sometimes the help we need can come from a friend, family member or someone in our extended circle. Other times we may need to pay a professional. Don’t be scared to invest money in and on yourself. Most of us would buy clothes, shoes or alcohol before we’d spend money on a therapist, life coach or branding expert. Prioritise. That’s a sign of growth.

6.Go phone free – Has the thought of this got you breaking out in a cold sweat? Is your phone an extension of self? Give yourself some time each week that’s phone and tech free. Switch off. Get outside and clear you head. Sometimes we don’t even realise why we are feeling how we are feeling or that we are constantly comparing ourselves to others on social media or that we haven’t put our phone down for the last 3 hours. Technology is great but it’s easy to be manipulated and controlled by it. If you want to feel in control of yourself spend some quality time with you away from you biggest distraction.

7.Get really real – If you have been avoiding really getting to grips with your current situation be it financial, personal or anything else it’s time to stop avoiding the monster and look it straight in the eye. It’s time to have a look and see what’s really going on and then work out a solution. Running, avoiding and hiding from these things that we fear will only prolong then and make them worse. You have the power to find solutions and the help exists if you need it. Don’t put it off any longer. You got this.

8.Declutter mother fucker – Yup go through your drawers, cupboards, wardrobes and say goodbye to anything that you no longer require. Be really honest with yourself. Organising your surrounding can help you to feel so much better. Changing the energy of your living space and giving you room to breathe. If you don’t use it then say goodbye. Before you do take a good look at where you have waste your resources and don’t do it again.

9.Honesty is the best policy – Sometimes you just have to say it like it is. This can hold us back and slow our progress. If there is something you really need to say to someone but you put it off for fear of their reaction just think about what not saying it is doing to you. I held onto a lot of things for a lot of time but sometimes you’ve just got to get them out so you can move forward with your life. If you really can’t face it write a letter to them. You never even have to send it but just the act of writing it down and getting it out your system can really help.

10.Don’t waste time – Don’t waste time thinking you need to have your shit together to get started on creating the life you want. If you do this you may be waiting a very long time and that’s not cool. Life is just one long lesson so don’t let setbacks and failure hold you back. Learn where you went wrong, get back on your feet and go, go, go.

Follows these steps and you might not have your shit together but you may well have an epic life. I know what I would prefer.


Claira x


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