Will or won’t you? The art of will power

Will power. What even is that? I guess I had never really considered it. Will power, I believe, is the difference between making something happen or not. Making things happen relatively quickly or having them take what seems like a life time or sometimes, is an actual life time. Will power is what is needed when inspiration and motivation are no longer present. It is will power that is responsible for their return. I do it all the time. I am filled with inspiration and I become motivated; perhaps I send some emails or go for a run. I may feel motivated for a few consecutive days and then it stops. The energy is gone. All is gone (at least that’s how it feels). Suddenly I have no energy, I am not motivated and I don’t feel inspired to do anything at all and IT STOPS. I have done this with exercise, diet, career, my YouTube channel, my blog, my book and even with social media posts. I have done it with friends and family. I have done it with opportunities all over the place. This is because I have allowed my thoughts and how I feel to influence me. I have allowed myself to believe my thoughts ‘I’m too tired’, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’, ‘missing one day won’t matter’, ‘it’s a shit idea anyway’, ‘it’s pointless/it’s never going to work’ or ‘maybe it’s not what I want after all’. NO no no no. It is by accepting these feelings as truths that I have not made my life what I want it to be.

The cycle works with you getting inspired, this is followed by motivation on which you act on the idea, when the motivation leaves it’s the will power to keep going that brings you back to inspiration. It is will power that makes you go to the gym at 6am on a rainy Monday morning, it is will power that makes you sit down and write that blog post you really don’t feel like writing, it is will power that makes you edit that video or write up that treatment. You see, it is in the action that you find inspiration and thus motivation and so the cycle begins and continues. The action leads us to the inspiration and on to the motivation.

How many times have you not wanted to do something or go somewhere, but you do it anyway and you have a great time? You feel much better. The action has completely lifted you and now you are motivated. It’s like a magical formula which I didn’t fully grasp until now. Why? Because it involves that dreaded thing…. Responsibility.
Understanding that despite the events that happen throughout my life, both good and bad, may not be of my choosing, how I react to them is my choice. How I chose to believe, think and feel about those events, about myself and everything else is totally up to me. It’s a hard pill to swallow but it is the only pill that will lead to the truth, to really getting to grips with life and to making the real positive changes you and I want.

The good news is it’s all down to you. The bad news? There is none. You have got this.


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