Why we could all use therapy

Therapy is good for us. For all of us. We live in an insane world that everyone pretends is sane and yet we wonder why we see the side effects in the form of mental health issues, addiction and general unhappiness.

I think therapy is needed just to help us stay balanced and grounded in such a crazy world. A world that I believe is not at all suited to humans and this can be seen in the insanity that we experience everyday. We have to go to school for years to learn only what we are told we should know when in fact there is an infinite amount of things we could learn, be taught and excel at. Who decided what we need to know? The same people who decided that it would take a dedicated robotic workforce to create a world where people with most money have the most power. Yeah those people. Don’t get me wrong education is a beautiful thing. The gift of being able to read and to write is something for which I am eternally grateful. However the way in which is done, the amount of time and the hours of time lost really seem like just training for the rest of our lives. Shouldn’t we be taught that we have infinite power? That we have the ability to create change in the world. That we can do and be whatever we chose. Shouldn’t we be taught about the power each of our minds contain? Wouldn’t it be good if we were taught to love and nurture ourselves so no one grew up feeling worthless, useless and like a failure before they have even started simply because they don’t fit in to this education system created? Shouldn’t we be taught how to be open and communicate with each other. How to care for and support each other? Imagine if this where the case. How different the world would be.

The problem is we are very rarely taught any coping mechanism for this crazy life. We are very rarely told it’s ok and totally normal to not be ok. We think we are alone and the only ones suffering when really it’s almost everyone on some level. We should be together in this. We shouldn’t be putting up a front. We are scared to be honest, to be vulnerable and to appear ‘weak’. What I know is true strength and courage comes from being prepared to go there. To be open and vulnerable. That is strength. I have found from talking to people that no matter how happy someone seems or how great their life seems they really aren’t so different. Everyone has times they don’t feel great, times where things happen that throw them. We are not alone we are all together. Please start talking.

Therapy can come in so many forms. I know how much talking therapies have helped me and continue to help me. You wouldn’t hesitate to spend £40 on dinner, drinks, a new pair of shoes but yet you think it’s a waste of money when it’s spent on something that is a true investment in your well being? Perhaps it’s time to rethink.


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