Mental illness is normal – a letter

Dear you,

‘Nothing would be the same if you did not exist’.

You are important and of value. Even though often it may not seem or feel that way please know that you are loved. You are loved, yes you, not a version of you that you feel others wish to see but the true you. It breaks my heart to see you suffer this way but I want you know that it can all be very different and that you have the strength to change it. I want you to know there is no shame in seeking the help of others to help you. You are a beautiful human being and you should never be ashamed to say that you need help.

I know that you feel alone, isolated and desperate but understand that these feeling will pass and better ones will replace them. All you have to do is be willing to commit to making changes and to seeking out the help you need to do that.

We live in a society which sadly does very little to help and prevent ‘mental illness’. I want you to know that in this society, with this current way of life mental illness is normal. There is nothing wrong with you. You may feel you don’t fit in and that you are not good enough. Most people feel like that you are not alone. This society puts so much pressure on us that it’s not hard to see how we can cripple under it. It’s not hard to see how we have lost the ability to truly enjoy life. We are taught not to.

So you, yes you. Be a rebel. Go against the grain. Seek help. Make a commit to yourself that you know a better way is possible and no matter what it takes you will indeed find it. It maybe hard to understand right now but your life is a huge blessing and you are wholly meant to be here. Don’t use this time feeling lost, unhappy, depressed, alone, isolated, scared, anxious, hurt, pain, loss and even suicidal. Don’t give up on yourself. Remember ‘Nothing (no thing) would be the same if you did not exist’. Take the steps to change you and your life. It is possible.




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