What if life isn’t what you thought?

What if life isn’t what you thought it was? What if life isn’t about achievement (in the traditional sense) and financial gain. What if life is not about getting as rich as possible, as famous as possible or as successful as possible. What if all these things are serving as such a distraction that we are in fact missing the point. Wouldn’t that be crazy? Wouldn’t that be insane? Or perhaps it wouldn’t be at all. Perhaps how we are living now is crazy. Perhaps how we are living now is insane. We have created a culture where money, success and power come before empathy, kindness and humanitarianism. We all look out into the world and see suffering but what do we really do about it? How do we really make it better? It seems we are so caught up in making sure we can keep our heads above water in this current economic climate that being our very essence has disappeared. We have learnt to hate. We have learnt to see others as nonhuman, as deserving of their circumstances. We deny our responsibility to other humans by distancing ourselves from the truth. We are all responsible for each other. Love is our true nature and the more we deny it the more we move away from true happiness, true bliss and true love.

I am not talking just in a material sense that you should have to give all you own away. That you should change your material lifestyle but how is you internal world? Your thoughts and beliefs? Are they of love and kindness? Are they free of judgement and hate? Are they open to seeing only the best in others? Or are they dramatic and reactive? Are they judgemental and hateful? Every thought has a vibrational quality. An energetic quality that goes out into the world. I believe if we were to be honest with ourselves that most of us have very low vibrational output. This is literally shaping our world. When you think you are just one person and can’t make any difference you truly can. By changing the way you think and thus changing the way you feel then the way you act you are literally moulding your outside world with your inside world. Let that sink in. Really take on what I am telling you right now. Change isn’t down to luck or other people giving you what you need. It’s down to you taking control of your internal world. It’s down to you realising that your energetic output is what makes your external world as it is. Stop blaming others. Stop making it someone else’s fault and start taking responsibility. It is only when you do this that you can start to create the life and the world you wish to see.

Love and light,



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