“Muslims not welcome here”

Today I sat with my friend and he told me he no longer feels at home in this country. The one in which he was born. The country in which he went to school, collage and university in. The place where he started and excelled his career. The place he fell in love and now the place he is just about to bring a baby into. He no longer feels at home here because he is a Muslim and because he has brown skin.
As he asked me if he should give his child a Muslim name in a country where she could suffer as a consequence I wanted to cry.
As he told me he fears for his parents safety, parents who have always wanted to retire to the coast after a life of working hard in this country, their home. They feel the coast is no longer and option. No longer safe for them.
As he showed me a Facebook post concerning his cousin, a GP, who moved to a location in greater London to start a new job to find a sign on the front door of his new home saying ‘Muslims not welcome here’. He has a wife and two small children. He feels unsafe in his own home.


What could I say to him? What can I do to ease his pain, worry, frustration and sadness? He feels let down. He feels persecuted for the colour of his skin which he did not and could never have chosen just as you or I could not have chosen ours. For his personal beliefs that are kind, loving and caring. They do not affect his ability to be a moral human being. It’s ludicrous for one moment to even suggest that they could or would and yet media outlets and politicians have been doing exactly that forever.
Vilifying and demonising certain sectors of society, certain populations of people have been simply turned into ‘the bad guy’. The ones we must fear and must hate. Without testing this theory for ourselves we jump on the band wagon and simply believe what we are told. We are not robots and yet we willing allow ourselves to be programmed with fear which leads to hate. Hate of a made up ‘boogeyman’ created by bias media stories and false representation of said ‘proportion of society we must now hate’.
Fear is how we are easily controlled and manipulated by leaders, by governments, multi national cooperations into going along with what they want us to. It’s how they convince us we need them to be ‘safe’ from a monster they created to make us feel unsafe in the 1st place.


I pray to no particular god that we humans wake up and see what we are doing to each other. That we wake up and realise we are not different. All that separates us are thoughts and beliefs. Nothing more or less. Observe babies playing. They do so freely, happily and carelessly. They have no concepts or programming through which they view the world. They just do it with love and an open heart. It’s not until they start believing what they are taught that they start to fear things. We are still those babies. Only now we have been taught to believe and fear many things and it’s is through these spectacles of fear we see our world. Changing your thoughts and beliefs changes the spectacles through which you view your world and the people in it. I chose to see mine through love. I can only hope you will chose to do the same.

Love and light,

Claira Hermet


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