10 ways to STICK to your goals for 2019

Did you know that most people start to give up on their New Year’s Resolutions around day 12? Let’s not be part of that statistic please.

I hit you with my list of things I wanted to change in 2019 in my 1st blog post of the year. I can tell you now that for the most part I am staying true to what I have set out to do. I feel empowered and I know that when the voice in my mind starts telling me to quit for a variety of reasons that I have simply been saying ‘no’. It’s my choice and I have known that for a longtime. Why is 2019 different? Because I have done a lot of work to shift, move, embrace and understand myself. The understanding helps me realise why I don’t normally follow through on what set out to do. By realising this I can be aware when those thought patterns and behaviour patterns rear up. Once I see them I can identify them and unattch from them.

I want to point out that it has taken me along time to get here. Yes, things are finally making sense and I am able to trust myself but this has taken a lot of work, trial and error and not being afraid to face my demons. I also want to add that the work is not over. Yes I’m feeling a new sense of myself and life but I have so much to continue to work on. That’s the thing we are always students, we are always beginners. You work through one thing and something else will appear. I’m happy to do this work. I’m happy to keep growing.

If you are struggling with your New Year’s Resolutions or just maintaining a change you want to make, firstly congratulations for attempting change, it’s daunting and never a walk in the park. I wanted to give you a few suggestions to refresh your feelings and energy around the goals you have set for yourself;

1.If it’s too big strip it back and make it into several more manageable goals with a time frame attached
2.Ask for help – Reach out to people who you feel have the knowledge or information that could help you stay on track.
3.Ask friends, family or a work colleague to hold you accountable for what you are setting out to achieve.
4.Join forces with someone who has similar goals to you. It’s so much easier to stick to things when you have the positive reinforcement of someone else. It means you can be that for each other.
5.Take some paper, a pen and write down your ‘why’s’. I have done this with mine. What do I want but more importantly why do I want it? That why is your motivation and if you are not clear on the why you may find you slide. Write the why down and put it somewhere you can see it so every time you feel yourself start to slip you can remember why you’re on the slope in the first place.
6.Look yourself in the eye in the mirror everyday and affirm that you are strong, you are beautiful and you have the power to make this happen.
7.If you put a foot wrong don’t allow that one wrong foot to be the thing that tumbles the whole entire dream. For example if you want to stop smoking and you have on cigarette. Don’t give up. RESET. Go back to the why’s. Don’t punish yourself and move on. If you’ve done 8 days without and you had 1 slip up don’t allow your mind to tell you you’ve failed so you may as well give up. You haven’t failed. You have got this.
8.Make a vision board and put it somewhere you can see it everyday all the time. It should contain a picture of you and positive words that you feel connected to. Then collect pictures of your dream career, home, body and/or anything else you are trying to stay inspired towards making happen. It’s there to be a constant reminder of who you are. I say who you are because if you think of it as who you want to be you’ll always be in the ‘want to be stage’. Where possible feel, think and act as though you already have what you want.
9.Take your own advice. What would the version of you that you want to become do? I heard this the other day and I love it. I get anxiety around work alot and so it helps me to think as if I’m already super successful. I ask what would that me say to this me? It really works for me. Give it a try!
10.Be kind to yourself. We are all here to learn. We all fail. The more we try the more we will fail because those who don’t try also don’t fail. Failure is good as long as you pick yourself back up and go back at it. A quick google search will tell you about loads of people who failed before they became who they are today. Find someone who you admire that has talked openly about their previous failure and whenever you want to get down about yours or use it as an excuse remember them and how their ability to not let failure determine their future made their life epic. Do the same with yours.

I really hope this helps. Stay strong. Feel free to comment on the post and share your experiences, let me know if this was helpful or just say hi.

Peace and love,



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